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God of War Studio SCEA Santa Monica Studio Hit with Layoffs

by Ron Duwell | February 26, 2014February 26, 2014 6:30 pm PDT

God of War

Behold the unforgiving conditions of the the modern video game world! One day, you are sitting on top of the heap with the hottest action game on the market, and a single underperforming release later, you find yourself gutted from the inside.

This is the fate of SCEA Santa Monica Studios, the once proud developers of Sony’s critical darling, the God of War series. Three solid games rocked the critical and commercial scenes, but when the time came to give into modern day trends and go multiplayer with God of War: Ascension, the good graces of the gaming community left it behind. Sales plummeted, and the DLC went nowhere.

Sony has confirmed that the studio had been hit with reductions in a statement to IGN.

SCEA can confirm that we have completed a reduction in workforce at Santa Monica Studio. This is a result of a cycle of resource re-alignment against priority growth areas within SCE WWS. We do not take these decisions lightly. However, sometimes it is necessary to make changes to better serve the future projects of the studio. We have offered outplacement services and severance packages to ease transition for those impacted.

No numbers have been provided, but IGN‘s sources suggest that the studio had to cancel a project in line with the layoffs.

I was never the biggest fan of God of War, but its fanbase was among the most vocal during its short reign on the market.¬†Anybody think we’ll live to see the day when God of War gets rebooted? It’s already a gritty series, so I don’t think an even grittier new face is going to cut it. How else does the West revitalize tired franchises though?


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