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T-Mobile Announces Plans to Shutter MetroPCS in 3 Cities This Year

by Jacob Kleinman | February 25, 2014February 25, 2014 6:00 pm PDT


Speaking during its fourth quarter earnings call on Tuesday, T-Mobile announced its plans to move forward with the shutdown of the MetroPCS network as it migrates customers over to the Un-Carrier’s own service, CNET reports. Later this year, the company will shutter MetroPCS service in three major cities: Boston, Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

The decision comes ahead of schedule for T-Mobile, which says it’s made significant progress moving MetroPCS customers over to its own GSM and LTE network from the older CDMA-based signal. T-Mobile Chief Financial Officer Braxton Carter noted that 3.5 million MetroPCS customers (about 40 percent) have already switched over to T-Mobile, adding that the migration is going faster than expected.

“We were conservative in our original projections,” he said. “But we think this will offer a lot of synergies that will result in cost savings in the future.”

By the time MetroPCS is shut down in Boston, Philadelphia and Las Vegas, T-Mobile expects almost all customers will have switched over their service as the carrier rolls out increasingly aggressive promotions.  For the few that remain, however, T-Mobile promises to offer continued support through roaming.


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