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Ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Taking Over Microsoft’s Devices and Studios

by Ron Duwell | February 25, 2014February 25, 2014 7:00 am PDT


Microsoft has just revealed its plans for former Nokia boss Stephen Elop, and that is putting him at the head of the Devices and Studios division of the company.

Elop replaces the branch’s former head Julie Larson-Green, and products such as Microsoft Surface, the Xbox, and Microsoft’s game and entertainment studios will now fall under his leadership. Unsurprisingly, he will continue to work on Microsoft cellular handset units as well.

Larson-Green, who took over the Devices and Studios division after the departure of Don Mattrick for Zynga last year, will be moving on as Chief Experience Officer with the “My Life and Work” team at Microsoft’s Applications and Services. This will put her in charge of online products such as Bing and Skype. Larson-Green issued a memo to her former staff, which was published through TechCrunch.

I want to thank each and every one of you for welcoming me and supporting me as the leader of Devices & Studios over the past 7 months. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished during such a short timeframe. We launched Xbox One, Surface 2 & Pro 2, blockbuster games like Forzaand Ryse, a brand new Xbox Music and Video service, PPI, and some amazing unannounced innovations just to name a few…

Elop originally found himself on the shortlist to replace Steven Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft, but the job ultimately went to Satya Nadella. Now he finds himself in charge of Xbox, the very product he mentioned he might want to sell off if ever made CEO.

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