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The Legend of Zelda NES Classic Played on the Oculus Rift

by Ron Duwell | February 24, 2014February 24, 2014 10:30 pm PDT

You’ve seen some impressive first-person games played on the Oculus Rift like Mirror’s Edge and Team Fortress 2, really making the dream of virtual reality we’ve had since the 1980s come true. With that in mind, how about a game from way back when jumping into a video game world was just the next big thing waiting to happen?

YouTube user Vaecon has a new video of the NES classic The Legend of Zelda re-imagined as a first-person adventure, making comparisons to an 8-bit Skyrim all the more obvious. Moblins, octoroks and zoras all suddenly seem that much more dangerous when they’re right in your face with nothing but the wooden sword in your hands.

It’s amazing how small and cramped Hyrule seems when transported to within Link’s viewpoint, but it’s a straight pixel-to-pixel recreation loyal to the original world’s layout. Currently the game is only in beta form with the overworld map and first-dungeon completed, and it is playable at its official website.

Vaecon says that the final version will be released for free in March.


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