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Qualcomm Toq Discounted To $249

by Brandon Russell | February 24, 2014February 24, 2014 3:00 pm PDT

Qualcomm Toq-Screen

Not impressed with Samsung’s Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo? Qualcomm recently announced a $100 price drop on its Toq smartwatch, bringing the price down to $249. That’s still quite a bit of coin, but the Toq is actually one of the more solid options out there, only behind Pebble’s original smartwatch and Pebble Steel. Nobody said the wearable future would be cheap.

The Toq isn’t really a household name in the wearable space, not the way someone could namedrop the Gear or even Pebble. But it offers enough features and functionality to stand out on its own. More so a proof of concept than anything else. Equipped with a Mirasol display and WiPower LE, the Toq is capable of connecting to Android devices for notifications and whatnot. There’s no microphone, or speaker, and even a camera. This is a device to bring you alerts.

You can head over to Qualcomm’s website and purchase the Toq now at its discounted price; the device comes in either silver or black and includes a wireless charging dock.


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