Gmail’s New Feature Makes It Super Easy To Unsubscribe From Emails

by Brandon Russell | February 24, 2014


Getting to Inbox zero is difficult to do when you have spam and marketing emails constantly streaming in. But Google is making it easier to sort through the junk by adding an unsubscribe button that will automatically appear in the header of emails. Now your inbox is just one click away from being cleansed of email garbage. Once you click on the button, an email will actually be sent to the source asking you be removed from future mailings. Typically you‘d have to scroll down to the fine print in an email, click on unsubscribe, and manually do everything.

The unsubscribe button should show up in any promotional email that would otherwise have an unsubscribe button anyway. Google’s method just makes it more prominent, and streamlines the experience by making it a one-click affair. Google’s button was actually announced in front of marketing professionals last week, PC World said. “We want to empower users with an easy way to control what they want to receive,” a spokesperson for Google said.


Brandon Russell

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