Nexus 8 and Android 4.5 Reportedly Set for July Release, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | February 23, 2014


Google reportedly has plans to ditch its Nexus 7 this summer, and instead explore the less competitive 8-inch market. According to an unnamed Google Dublin employee, the search giant will completely stop development of the Nexus 7 because the market is now so saturated. Curiously, the rumor states the device will be unveiled in July, alongside Android 4.5, instead of making an appearance at Google I/O in June. The mysterious device will allegedly be developed by Asus, a longtime manufacturing partner of Google’s.

The most notable 8-inch tablets are made by Samsung and LG, while Apple’s iPad mini treads the line with a 7.9-inch display. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is also among the competition, so the 8-inch market is certainly heating up. Virtually no details of the supposed Nexus 8 were shared, though presumably it would launch with Google’s latest version of Android, Android 4.5, which we also know very little about. No details were provided by the source.

Apparently Google I/O will focus entirely on services, and the July event will be used for hardware and software, hence the mention of Android 4.5 and the Nexus 8. A rumor from earlier this month claimed the Nexus 8 would arrive this April, so obviously there’s a disconnect in the facts. These are rumors, of course, so there’s no telling which report is right or wrong. Google has had plenty of success in the 7-inch space, and it appears the company is ready to challenge Apple and others in the 8-inch market.

Brandon Russell

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