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Don’t Expect “Gone Home in a Different House” from Fullbright’s Next Game

by Joey Davidson | February 23, 2014February 23, 2014 10:00 am PDT

Gone Home

What’s next for the Fullbright Company, the small studio responsible for Gone Home? That title was a critical darling last year, and it even pulled in a nod for one of our favorites for all of 2013. Where does the team behind it go from there?

Rock, Paper, Shotgun sat down with the Fullbright Company and talked about its project following Gone Home. They hit all sorts of details, including changing the scope of the game and adding to the resources available to the creators for the next effort.

Here’s Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor on that bit:

We want to expand the scope of the next game slightly. We don’t want to limit ourselves to [the resources we had on Gone Home]. Gone Home is as much of a game as we were able to make with the number of people we had and the amount of time that we had, right? If we want to make something of a different scale, something is going to have to change. We could take four people and spend five years and make something way bigger. That doesn’t sound really interesting to me.

With the change in scope discussed, the obvious motion of Gaynor’s point slid towards exactly what type of experience Fullbright would follow Gone Home with. Would it be just another Gone Home?

If we wanted our next game to be more than an environment that you explore… If you’re going to have characters, for instance, you gotta hire an animator. So we’re exploring what we want to do next, because we don’t want it to be the same thing. We don’t want it to be Gone Home in a different house or whatever.

Make no mistake, something new is definitely coming from Fullbright. It just won’t be another Gone Home. It might be better, it might be worse, it might be so wildly different that even comparing the two efforts will be futile.

Regardless, the small studio has our attention.

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