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Capcom Officially Enables Gambling in Street Fighter IV

by Ron Duwell | February 21, 2014February 21, 2014 8:30 pm PDT

Street Fighter IV Dan

Capcom has enabled the gambling of real world money on Street Fighter IV matches. Thanks to a partnership made with Virgin Gaming, a lot more than pride is now riding on each bout.

Virgin has the whole setup working under its wing, advertising the new mode as “Play head to head for cash.” All that is required is an account made through the Virgin’s official website and an Xbox Live account. From there, you can place money on yourself or others, and Virgin will manage all the funds and everything else for you.

Matches can be held all over the world, and you’ll never have to worry about stumbling onto those hardcore Japanese players you see on YouTube because gambling is illegal in Japan. Virgin does not allow the service here.

Just for quick reference, Seth, C. Viper, and Cammy are the highest tiered characters in Street Fighter IV, so if you want to make some serious bank, I think you found your choices.

While I have absolutely no interest in participating with this ridiculous idea, I am interested in seeing the amount of money exchanged and odds with each character match up. Virgin should really keep track of this statistic. Does Dan get worse odds since he is the absolute worst character?

Ron Duwell

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