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Latest Galaxy Note 3 Update Promises to Fix Third-Party Accessory Support

by Brandon Russell | February 19, 2014February 19, 2014 11:00 am PDT

Galaxy Note3 S-view Cover_005_Front set

Sad the latest KitKat update broke compatibility with your bedazzled third-party Flip Wallet for the Note 3? Samsung is rolling out a new update that should iron that issue right out. About a month ago, Samsung acknowledged its Android 4.4 update rendered some third-party accessories that replicated the S View functionality useless, but promised a fix.

Now you can go back to life as usual. A fix has been created, you can sleep at night. The update is reportedly rolling out to folks in Poland and Russia first, with a wider release to follow. Breaking third-party case support is hardly an issue, but if you were feeling particularly miserable about the bug, things should be back to normal.

In case you were wondering, the build number of the update is N9005XXUENB3.


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