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Galaxy Gear 2 May Ditch Android for Tizen

by Brandon Russell | February 18, 2014February 18, 2014 2:00 pm PST

Samsung Galaxy Gear-Metal Screws

Sources close to Samsung’s plans claim the company’s next Galaxy Gear, which is expected to debut at Mobile World Congress, will run on Tizen, not Android. If true, the move will be the Korean company’s latest attempt to break away from Google’s Android, and pave the way for Samsung to further develop its own ecosystem. Samsung and Google have allegedly butted heads over Samsung’s use of Android in recent weeks, and this is the latest rumor to suggest the two will eventually go their separate ways.

Virtually no other details are provided, though the rumor would suggest Samsung is ready to make a bigger Tizen push. The open-source software has endured a particularly rough start, but Tizen this month gained 15 new carrier partners around the world, including Sprint, indicating a big push is on the horizon. According to a report from late January, the first Tizen smartphone isn’t expected to be available until the second half of 2014. With Samsung’s UNPACKED 5 press conference set for next week, perhaps we’ll get our first big glimpse at what the company has in store.

We haven’t been able to pin down many details about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Gear successor, though the presence of Tizen is certainly a big revelation. In addition to the device’s supposed hardware, reports claim the device could sport a flexible OLED display, but otherwise little is known about the device.

The Gear hasn’t exactly lit the wearable market on fire, so expectations for Samsung to step its game up will be high. Perhaps the use of Tizen will allow Samsung to create a deeper experience compared to what we saw with its first effort.


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