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Ikaruga Swooping onto Steam Tomorrow

by Ron Duwell | February 17, 2014February 17, 2014 9:30 pm PST

One of the greatest games ever made will be flying onto Steam the week after a successful turn at the Greenlight program. Treasure’s classic SHMUP Ikaruga will be available tomorrow on Feb. 18, but Treasure has yet to announce an official price.

Ikaruga has been available through many different forms. It started off as a successful arcade in Japan in the year 2001 before being ported to home consoles on the Japanese Dreamcast. Not until 2003 did Treasure find an unlikely publisher in Atari to give it a worldwide release on an unlikely console in the Gamecube. Strange combination to be sure, but this was the release which launched Ikaruga into fame and gave it the recognition is deserves.

Since then, Treasure has reworked the game with HD graphics and released it on Xbox Live and Android, making this Steam release the fifth and possibly final release in its current form. This Steam version now sports an exclusive horizontal mode though for those who want to change up the original vertical formula.

Those who have never played Ikaruga should definitely give it a shot. It’s a far more gratifying experience than the stereotypical “bullet hell” SHMUPS which emerge from Japan these days. Ikaruga is a mark of true genius in a genre which rarely sees such ingenuity overtake flash. It will test your twitch skills, but it will also test your brain thanks to its duality bullet eating system.

Expect more PC releases from Treasure also now that the company has announced it will focus on independently releasing both classic and new titles digitally.

Ikaruga will be released on Steam tomorrow, Feb. 18.


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