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HTC M8 Mini Looks Super Shiny in Leaked Pictures

by Todd Haselton | February 17, 2014February 17, 2014 2:00 pm PST


There have been no shortages of leaks for both the HTC M8 and the HTC M8 mini, two phones that are expected to launch in the coming months. The M8 is supposed to be the successor to the HTC One, while the M8 mini should offer comparable specs but in a smaller form factor.

What you’re looking at above appears to be the latest leak of the HTC M8 Mini (a second image is below), though there’s some speculation that it could be the larger M8 instead – it’s hard to tell without knowing the size of the hand in the photo. It does sort of look like it has a 4.5-inch screen, however, which has us suspecting this might be the M8 Mini.

First, you see the dual camera setup that has appeared in almost all of the HTC M8 leaks. Our best guess is that such a setup will allow you to take a picture once and then re-focus it later. We won’t really know what the real use is until HTC unveils it however. Moving on: we also see the same dual-LED setup as we have in earlier leaks, and the same positioning of the front-facing camera, light sensors and BoomSound speakers.

The phone looks super shiny in the image above. Usually the metal might look like this before it’s fully buffed, and we wouldn’t bat an eye if that was the case. The phone looks fully assembled, however. Perhaps HTC is leaning toward a more glossy-looking metallic finish to distinguish it slightly from the M8. We dig it, but there’s no knowing if this is what the final version will look like. Our best guess right now is that HTC is going to announce the M8 and its smaller brother sometime in late February or early March.


Todd Haselton

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