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Xbox One Remote Briefly Appears on Amazon Canada

by Eric Frederiksen | February 13, 2014February 13, 2014 4:20 pm PST


The product page is gone now, but for a few hours, a traditional living room remote for Xbox One appeared on Amazon Canada.

The remote appeared with a release date set for March 4 and a price tag of $24.99 Canadian – that’s $22.69 USD – accompanied by the above image, showing an Xbox-styled but very spartan remote.

So what’s the point of a remote control for a system that can be operated with a controller, Kinect voice, and Xbox Smartglass? While the Xbox One banks heavily on Kinect, it no longer requires it to run, and some people simply don’t want to talk to their systems. Not to mention the way Kinect acts like an imaginary friend as soon as someone else enters the room. And finally, not everyone watching television through the Xbox is a gamer; spouses, parents, and children can feel put off by the system and the voice commands when they’re used to a remote.

The remote could be a great bridge for people not quite ready to make the jump to talking to their televisions.

Owners of Logitech’s Harmony remotes will find that they can already get this functionality out of their systems by simply adding the Xbox One device to their remote profile, so gadget fiends are already operating their Xboxes with remote controls. I have my Harmony One setup to run my system, and it works pretty well.

Microsoft has yet to confirm that this product even exists, so it could’ve been someone hitting the switch early, or even someone slipping a fake product through Amazon’s listing process. We don’t know for sure that the device is even real, but it doesn’t seem far fetched to think such a thing is on the way.

It also makes sense considering the stereo headset and adapter both currently set for an early March release, as well.


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