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iOS 8 Healthbook Mockup Shows Stunning Future of Mobile Health

by Todd Haselton | February 13, 2014February 13, 2014 7:00 pm PST


When Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple plans to enter more product categories this year, most pundits seemed to agree that we’ll see the company enter wearables through the form of an iWatch. If most recent rumors are correct, however, Apple’s entrance into the health technology industry overall is probably more noteworthy. 9to5Mac already told us a bit about what to expect from Apple, including a possible new app called Healthbook that will reside in iOS 8 and will provide data on our general well being, measuring fitness levels, keeping track of our diet and more.

One MacRumors forum member took the Healthbook idea and ran with it, creating his own mockup of the alleged application. Oddly enough, 9to5Mac’s sources actually saw the app and said it’s “vaguely” on a par with what Apple’s actually working on. We can see that the mockup imagines an app that’s capable of syncing with an iWatch and tracking steps, calories consumed, calories burned, fitness notes, diet, blood pressure, hydration, heart rate, medications and more.

Apple’s most recent hires suggest it will also monitor sleep, and other rumors have suggested that the company may also try to dig deeper – into blood glucose monitoring and more. 9to5Mac has warned in the past that Apple may try to steer clear of some of these functions because, while they’re capable of executing on them, Apple may not want to deal with the FDA’s approval schedule to get them to market. If that gets in the way, we hope Apple gets the iWatch to the market first and then enables some of the better features down the road.

Hopefully Apple’s iWatch hits the market this year. We’re not quite sure how all of the functions will work, particularly on the more granular blood monitoring levels, but we can’t wait to see how Apple’s products will change mobile healthcare.

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