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Apple iWatch Team Adds Yet Another Medical Expert

by Todd Haselton | February 13, 2014February 13, 2014 10:00 am PST


Apple’s iWatch is expected sometime later this year, and while we don’t know much about the device itself, a lot of Apple’s most recent hires point to a very health-focused device. Most recently we learned that Apple is seeking physiologists for fitness research, in addition to sleep experts, that many believe could be applied to the iWatch. Earlier reports have suggested Apple has upwards of 200 people working on the project, and has been aggressively hiring even more. Today, we learned of one new hire – biometric expert Marcelo Lamego.

Lamego’s hire was first noticed on LinkedIn by Network World, though it appears he has already been with the company for one month. In the past, Lamego worked on a product called the Pronto-7 at his previous company, Cercacor. The device was capable of monitoring hemoglobin, the part of your blood cells that carries oxygen around your body.

That’s particularly interesting since some reports suggest Apple’s iWatch isn’t just about fitness activity, but about monitoring more detailed aspects of our health – such as blood glucose levels and more. Our best guess is that Lamego is now part of the team that focuses on blood-monitoring tools, since that is what he is an expert in.

9to5Mac has suggested that it’s possible Apple won’t add these super in-depth features at first, because they would require approval from the FDA and it’s unclear if Apple wants to jump through those hoops right now. Either way, we can definitely tell Apple has huge plans for the wearable market, and they’re much larger than anything we’ve seen before. The iWatch may be much, much more than just a smartwatch.

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