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Android Update Makes it Even Easier to “Call Mom”

by Jacob Kleinman | February 12, 2014February 12, 2014 6:00 pm PDT

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Google rolled out a small update for Android today, integrating Contacts and Voice Search so that it’s even easier to call your immediate family. Just say a command, like “Ok Google, call Mom” or “Ok Google, send a text to my brother” and your phone will pull up the right contact. If Google isn’t sure who you’re trying to contact it will ask you to quickly establish who you’re referring to and save the information away for next time.

It’s unclear what the limits of Google’s new update are. Anyone in your immediate family is definitely covered by the improved voice search feature, but that doesn’t mean your phone will know what you mean if you ask it to call your best friend, your boss or your neighbor.

Today’s Android update actually follows a nearly identical feature which Apple introduced a while ago on iOS. iPhone owners can command Siri to “Call Mom,” for example, and just like Android if Siri doesn’t know who your Mom is you’ll only have to tell her once.


Jacob Kleinman

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