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Virgin Atlantic Will Trial Google Glass At London Heathrow

by Brandon Russell | February 10, 2014February 10, 2014 10:00 pm PST

Virgin Airlines Google Glass

Virgin Atlantic plans on using Google Glass to turn its employees into human search engines. During a trial at London Heathrow, the airline’s concierge staff will be equipped with Google’s $1,500 face computer in an attempt to predict and provide information to passengers before they even ask for it, sort of like Google Now. The technology will allow Virgin’s staff to promptly identify customers, bring up their flight details, and even see their food and drink preference. All before that passenger even opens their mouth.

Virgin’s use of Google Glass is meant to personalize a passenger’s flight experience, and eliminate some of the hassles of traveling. In addition to providing flight details and passenger information, the concierge staff equipped with Glass will also provide suggestions on places to visit once a passenger arrives at a destination, among other things. The data collected by the six-week trial will, naturally, be stored for future trips, so Virgin (and Google) will know your exact preferences when flying. Sounds eerily invasive, but also convenient?

Despite many reservations toward Glass, Google’s technology has made plenty of inroads in some important areas, not just among Silicon Valley cheerleaders. Recently, the New York Police Department announced a trial for officers on patrol, while Glass has previously been used for medical benefits. If Virgin’s trial is a success, the technology might one day become mandatory flight attendant headwear across the globe.

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