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HTC M8’s Dual Rear Camera Design Leaks Again in New Photo

by Jacob Kleinman | February 10, 2014February 10, 2014 2:30 pm PST


The HTC One was one of our favorite smartphones of 2013, and we have high hopes for its successor—even if the company itself is struggling financially. Earlier this month an image of the phone surfaced showing what appeared to be a pair of cameras on the back of the device, now a second close-up picture of HTC M8’s rear panel may have confirmed this odd design choice. Another leaked photo also appears to confirm rumors that HTC will opt for on-screen navigation buttons for its upcoming smartphone.


The leaked photos, obtained by tech blog NoWhereElse, depict what looks a lot like a second smaller camera resting above HTC’s UltraPixel shooter. After some digging last week, we were able to understand a bit more why HTC would want to have two camera sensors on the back of the phone. No, we don’t think this is pointing to another shot at 3D pictures.

The sensors would let you quickly snap a picture and return later to refocus the image at a later time. One module may be capable of capturing the depth of the environment of the image, which means you might not have to wait to focus your image every time you try to take a photo. That’s just speculation on our end, but we do know that camera modules from firms such as Toshiba already allow this sort of capability, and it seems to make sense. The successor to the HTC One is expected in the coming months.

Jacob Kleinman

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