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ReROLL Using Drones to Capture the Entire World for a New RPG

by Ron Duwell | February 9, 2014February 9, 2014 10:30 am PST

Pixyul, a new studio formed by ex-Ubisoft employees, has set off on a major undertaking in creating its first open-world RPG. Using drones equipped with tiny HD cameras, it and its partners at senseFly are out to map the entire world one square kilometer at a time. What will they do with such information?

Naturally, they are going to create a massive RPG which uses real world places as its environment. Using their knowledge of building lifelike settings in Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, the developers at Pixyul will use all of their data to make ReROLL, an action survival RPG in which our world is on the brink of collapse one city at a time. Make weapons, eat, travel, survive. All part of the final game.

Starting the world over by using real world places. Re-rolling mother nature’s character sheet. That is Pixyul’s dream. Photography with the drones isn’t even expected to wrap up until 2015. Of course, with the planet covered two thirds by water, the ocean should be easy to recreate, but the tricky part will be seeing how the team will be able to get into some of the world’s more dangerous countries and environments.

Check out the ReROLL announcement trailer and see what Pixyul has in mind. It’s a grand idea for such an isometric looking game, but it’s fascinating none-the-less.

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