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Titanfall Delayed on Xbox 360

by Eric Frederiksen | February 7, 2014February 7, 2014 6:00 am PST


If you were planning to play Titanfall on the Xbox 360, you’ll have to wait another couple weeks beyond the previously listed March 11th launch date. The Xbox 360 version will now release on March 25, while the PC and Xbox One versions are still set for the original date. Titanfall‘s European releases are set for March 13 and 28.

EA Studios’ Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund announced the delay Thursday evening on the Electronic Arts blog, stating that Bluepoint needs a bit of extra time to “put the finishing touches on the current-gen version of the game,” he says to “ensure the full world of Xbox gamers has an awesome experience.”

Details on the Xbox 360 version of the game have been pretty limited thus far, making it difficult to guess what might be holding up the title.

As frustrating as it is to have the game delayed, it’s good to see Electronic Arts is taking steps to ensure a solid release rather than dumping the game out the door like they’ve done a few times in the last year.

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