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Chromecast Headed to UK Market in the Next Few Weeks

by Jacob Kleinman | February 7, 2014February 7, 2014 1:00 pm PDT

Google-Chromecast Size Comparison

Google’s Chromecast has been a hit here in the U.S., where the media streaming HDMI stick quickly sold out after it was first announced over this past summer. Now the $35 dongle is headed to the U.K. according to Curry’s, a British electronics retailer who revealed the news while speaking to The Next Web.

The specifics are still a mystery, but Chromecast should launch in the U.K. within the next few weeks. March 1 was listed as a “provisional” launch date, so that could change as the time approaches. As for the price, we imagine it will be on a par with Google’s price tag here in the U.S. It’s also unclear if the device will be initially available from other retailers including the U.K. Google Play Store.

After a somewhat limited launch, Google released an official SDK for the Chromecast earlier this week, opening the floodgates for third-party developers to adapt their own apps to the device. Beats Music and Rdio have since announced plans to bring their music streaming platforms to Chromecast. Hopefully that’s just the beginning.


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