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Humble Sid Meier Bundle – Pay What You Like for Five Games

by Ron Duwell | February 5, 2014February 5, 2014 5:45 pm PDT

This week’s Humble Bundle is dedicated to one of the world’s greatest video game designers, Sid Meier. The father of Civilization and co-founder of the legendary gaming studio MicroProse is still developing games into his sixties, and a handful can now pick picked up for the price you want.

Of course, Civilization must be included in any Sid Meier bundle, so both Civilization III and Civilization IV along with its expansions are both available at a base price. Paying the average, which sits at an uncharacteristically high $8.55 as of writing will also land Civilization V and its expansion, Gods and Kings. Paying $15 will land the brand new Brave New World expansion.

Other rewards include both games in the Sid Meier Ace Patrol series and Sid Meier Railroads! Not exactly interested in those games, but the promise of cheap Civilization is a little too alluring to pass up. I’d prefer some of his more classic games like Alpha Centauri and Colonization, but those fall under the 2K Games banner.

As always, pay what you want and split up the price as you see fit between Humble Bundle, the developers, and charity. This week’s charity is Action Against Hunger.

Humble Bundle

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