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Apple Hires Sleep Expert to Work on iWatch

by Ron Duwell | February 5, 2014February 5, 2014 7:00 am PST


Apple has added another member to the team working on the highly anticipated iWatch, reports 9to5Mac. Roy J.E.M Raymann, an expert on sleep from Philips Research, has been given the job because of an extensive background in wearable technology, sensors that monitor the human body, and most importantly, methods of getting better sleep.

During his time at Philips Reseach, Raymann founded the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory dedicated to researching “how to optimize rest and activity” and “non-pharmacological approaches to promote sleep,” according to his LinkedIn biography. He joins an already extensive list of doctors and other health experts who are reportedly working on the iWatch.

Apple has not confirmed it has hired Raymann as an Apple employee yet, but Philips did confirm that he had left his other company as of Jan. 1.

With the hiring of a “sleep expert,” it seems safe to assume that Apple is looking into using the iWatch as a tool to monitor how well you sleep, and possibly even allow you to sleep better. How would it go about doing so? Relaxing vibrations? Lullabys? Broadcasting iAds into your dreams? Apple is now going to be with you the remaining 1/3 of your life that it hasn’t overtaken yet.


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