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Google Maps Using Waze Data to Offer Faster Directions

by Jacob Kleinman | February 4, 2014February 4, 2014 9:00 pm PDT

Google Maps update

For Google Maps, Waze may just be the acquisition that keeps on giving. Google acquired the Israeli startup last year for nearly $1 billion, and since then it’s made good use of the company’s crowd-sourced data. Now, Google Maps is rolling out a new-Waze powered feature: the ability to change your route mid-trip based on real-time traffic updates.

Google announced the latest update—available on iOS and Android—this morning, using the official Google+ account for its mapping service. The feature, and others from Waze, has been rolling out slowly since the company was acquired in Aug. 2013, but the Internet giant officially introduced it to everyone today, offering up the ability to “outsmart traffic and save time on the road.”

While Google Maps has gotten a clear boost from Waze, the crowd-sourced app still operates as a stand-alone service out of its Israeli offices. It’s unclear if Google will eventually merge Waze completely into its own mapping service, though for now it’s likely to keep the smaller app running separately.

Google Maps

Jacob Kleinman

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