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Google Hires Adobe Photoshop Exec John Nack

by Todd Haselton | February 3, 2014February 3, 2014 7:00 pm PDT

Google Sign

Google has long offered photo editing software, but it put an even stronger emphasis on it with tweaks made to Google+, such as Photos and Auto-Awesome, last year. There’s also Snapseed, and even the Nik Collection for professional use, which are both offered by Google. The company may be trying to dig even deeper into Adobe’s territory, however; news surfaced recently that the company poached Photoshop executive John Nack.

Nack published a now-removed (but still cached) farewell letter on Adobe’s site Monday morning. In it, Nack says he spent 14 years at Adobe and will be joining Google’s digital photography group starting next week where he says he’ll be doing “something very different from, and [he thinks] a little complementary” to what he’s done at Adobe. Nack helped Adobe work on its mobile apps, so it’s possible we’ll see his hand in future iterations to Google’s mobile apps, such as Snapspeed, and changes to Google+ Photos in the future.

Our best guess is that Google wants to take the image editing space more seriously than ever, but it’s also possible Nack was just ready to leave and decided it was time to move on from Adobe. Hopefully we see his efforts surface in Google’s products soon.


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