Yahoo Buys Incredible Labs, Plans to Kill its Mobile Assistant Donna

by Jacob Kleinman | January 31, 2014

After a Yahoo-branded digital assistant leaked online last month the company denied any involvement in the project, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working on an app of its own to challenge Google Now and Siri. The company recently acquired a small startup called Incredible Labs, best known for its iOS-only productivity app Donna.

Incredible Labs confirmed the news yesterday in a blog post, announcing that it had been acquired. Unfortunately for Donna users, the mobile assistant will be shut down while five of the startup’s seven employees will join Yahoo. “What we’ve accomplished it just the beginning,” the company notes, “and we hope you stick with us through the next chapter.”

Yahoo is unlikely to launch a stand-alone mobile assistant instead incorporating the new technology into its own email app, the company told TechCrunch. Donna offered a handful of features, mainly sending reminder notifications ahead of scheduled meetings, providing directions, and automatically sending out emails whenever you were running late for an appointment. Yahoo Mail users can look forward to seeing these features and more in a future update.


Jacob Kleinman

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