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February PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Games Confirmed

Sony, please! No more! I haven’t even had a chance to sit and enjoy last months free games: DmC and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I haven’t even had a chance to jump into Binary Domain, a game I picked up for free in November!

I’m starting to wonder if all this free content is worth it. Feels more like a backlog burden than a sweet deal these days, and February isn’t going to change with a few games I’ve been meaning to jump into.

The PlayStation 4 will see a free release of Outlast, last’s year indie horror game sensation. I haven’t had a chance to sit down with it yet, but then again, I don’t have a PlayStation 4 or a PC capable of playing it to the fullest capability. Still, I’ll probably pick it up, just because it’s free.

The PlayStation 3 is where the problems start to really raise their heads. I’ve wanted to play Metro: Last Light for quite some time mostly to see how to make a AAA quality game on a sliver of a budget. As one of the better reviewed games of last year, how could one say no?

Remember Me was a game that I was hyped for, and quickly forgot about. I suppose the title didn’t get the job done, but the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection did because I just remembered. I might try it, I might not. So much stuff!

PayDay 2 is the hot four player co-op franchise these days, but seeing as I don’t usually play online, this one might be beyond my scope.

The PS Vita will see releases for Street Fighter X Tekken and ModNation Racers: Road Trip, two games I’m not that interested in. Maybe I won’t download them just to ease the pressure.

Sony, I sit before you a broken man. You have spoiled me to death, and now I understand the foul ways of my greed. Maybe, just for one month, can you release a bunch of games that just plain suck? Oh wait, you already did that in December, and it didn’t help at all! What are we going to do!?

Ron Duwell

Ron has been living it up in Japan for the last decade, and he has no intention of leaving this technical wonderland any time soon. When he's not...