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Nest Team To Become Google’s Core Hardware Unit, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | January 30, 2014January 30, 2014 5:00 pm EST

Google Nest

Google’s acquisition of Nest might be for something other than smart home gadgets. Sources speaking with TechCrunch claim the search giant has plans to use Nest’s hardware experience to create a device (or devices) that “make more sense for the company.” TechCrunch stops short of revealing what those gadgets might be, but one would assume they’d have access to Google’s Play store. The more gadgets that have access to Google’s suite of apps and content, the better.

In context of yesterday’s surprise sale of Motorola, and Nest’s engineering talent—Nest CEO, Tony Fadell, helped create the iPod many years ago—the pieces are there to create products beyond a smart thermostat and smoke detector. Remember, too, that Google is still in possession of Motorola’s Advanced Technology unit, which was working on a more modular approach to smartphone building. Fadell and his team clearly understand how to create beautiful and functional gadgets; pair that with the pieces Motorola left behind, and the possibilities are definitely exciting.

According to the report, Google’s resources are at Nest’s disposal, underlining just how serious the search giant is about becoming a hardware company. Google has so far dabbled in consumer hardware, but Nest could be the final piece that propels the online company into the big time. Sure, Android is dominant and Google’s brand is already one of the most recognizable around the world. But Google still doesn’t have an iPhone, and Nest has the potential to help Google build one.

This is, of course, assuming Google plans on using Nest for mobile. Considering the search giant is trying to play nice with Samsung, it might not be in Google’s best interest to use Nest for mobile endeavors. What else, then, does Google have planned for its acquisition of Nest? No details have been revealed yet, but I’m sure we’ll start hearing more information about upcoming projects pretty soon. Perhaps Google will use I/O as the stage to unveil some big things.


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