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Final Fantasy Tactics Character Artist Joins The Unsung Story


Unsung Story is starting to look more and more like the reunion of the Dream Team. Writer/Designer Yasumi Matsuno and composer Hitoshi Sakimoto both collaborated on several of Square’s most endearing video games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, and now a third familiar face will be joining the indie project.

Square Enix character artist Akihiko Yoshida will be bringing his skills to the indie title, and without a Kickstarter stretch goal either. Should Playdek raise the $600,000 needed to fund the game, Yoshida is guaranteed to be involved.

Yoshida and Yasumi Matsuno have collaborated many times throughout their careers starting with Ogre Battle, moving on through Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, up until Matsuno’s departure from Square Enix during the production of Final Fantasy XII. His classic style of art has always been reserved for the “fantasy” styled games in Square Enix’s library, a huge difference from the rock ‘n roll anime style of its most famed artist, Tetsuya Nomura.

Yoshida’s most recent work can be seen in the upcoming release of Bravely Default, and by no means has he shown much of a change in his style over the years.

With three of video game’s greatest creative minds behind Unsung Story, how could one not be interested? It’s great to see pillars of the Japanese industry hit the indie market and encouraging others to do so as well. Hopefully this becomes a trend as the market picks up.

Unsung Story has raised $449,000 of its requested $600,000 after two weeks of being live. 15 days remain, and the most important stretch goals have been reshuffled to the cheaper end. I would like to see it hit $1.5 million, so I can play it on my Nintendo 3DS. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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