Beats Music Finally Available on Windows Phone

by Jacob Kleinman | January 30, 2014

Beats Music is finally available for Windows Phone today, 10 days after its initial launch and six days after the company said it would land in Microsoft’s app store. Still, considering how long it’s taken some apps to land on Windows Phone the Beats Music rollout feels almost lightning fast.

The Windows Phone 8 version of Beats Music appears to be a perfect replica of its Android and iOS apps, offering the same music listening tools you’d get on any mobile device. Like with Spotify, Rdio and other similar services, you’ll have access to a massive library of music (over 20 million songs) to pick and choose from at your whim. Beats Music also offers curated playlists, personalized suggestions and a somewhat gimmicky feature called The Sentence which uses a Mad Libs-style interface to create a unique playlist on the spot.

Beats Music faced some trouble at launch, with overcrowded servers meaning many users couldn’t sign up or even access their account. Things appear to be running more smoothly now—though we’re still encountering the odd bug on a daily basis—so hopefully Windows Phone users won’t face the same issues.

You can download the app via the link below. It comes with a serve-day trial and costs $9.99 per month or $119.88 per year, though some AT&T customers may qualify for an extended free trial.

Jacob Kleinman

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