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Crimson Dragon and a Handful of Great Xbox 360 Games on Sale this Week

Xbox Live is having a major sale this week with a quite a few of my favorites games from the Xbox 360 seeing a slashed price of 50 to 67 percent off.

The highlight of the sale is Crimson Dragon, the sole Xbox One game to be given a discount. A recent patch updated the difficulty level and added multiplayer, so the 25 percent discount will actually be met with more content than ever before. Review scores haven’t been what Microsoft was hoping for, so perhaps the 4GB patch and discount could help turn this unfortunate turkey around.

I was hoping Microsoft could make a hit from this fresh IP.

The Xbox 360 sale fares much better with interesting titles that are waiting for a cheap download. The clear and definite winner of this sale is Catherine, a strange hybrid of date simulator and block pulling puzzle games from the makers of the Persona series. Not a lot of games escape the confines of being categorized into a specific genre, but Catherine beats the odds by being a totally fresh and unique game.

Other great games include the two poster children from EA’s little creative streak in 2008, Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space, and a few other EA games that are also worth checking out if you haven’t already like Crysis or Kingdoms of Amalur.

And of course there is Moon Diver, an attempt at recapturing the magic of the original Strider arcade game from the designer himself. Sadly, it wasn’t met with much praise, but it’s a decent little dive back in time. This sale comes just in time for Capcom to capitalize on the Strider reboot as well.

Check out the entire list on Major Nelson’s blog. Any Xbox 360 players interested in picking up a cheap game this week?

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