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New Apple TV Rumored with TV Tuner, Gaming Focus and AirPort Express Capabilities

by Todd Haselton | January 28, 2014January 28, 2014 11:30 am PST

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Apple is reportedly gearing up to release a new model of its Apple TV product, and while details on what sort of new hardware the device will introduce were originally slim we now have some more intelligence on what to expect. 9to5Mac revealed the details on Tuesday, though warned that some, if not all, of these features may not end up in the final version of Apple TV.

Obviously Cupertino wants the Apple TV be front and center in your home entertainment lineup, and it might add another incentive to make sure that’s the case. Apparently the company is considering a model that would double as your wireless router, in other words replacing a need for an AirPort Express or any other wireless router choice. At first this sounded a bit wacky, but 9to5Mac explains the reason why, and it makes perfect sense: as we add more connected devices, like gaming consoles, and start buying up connected TVs, it’s more important than ever to keep a router near your TV. So why not just add 802.11ac and some additional Ethernet jacks to the Apple TV? That’s Apple’s line of thought, at least on some level. It doesn’t stop there.

9to5Mac says it has learned that Apple is also considering adding a TV tuner to the Apple TV. That would allow you to control not only streaming content on the device, but also television channels from a cable box. It sounds compelling enough, and Microsoft is doing this with its Xbox One already. Finally, the news outlet also suggests that  Apple will put a “focus on gaming” with its next Apple TV, and that iOS devices will allow you to control games. That’s also already possible with AirPlay, but if the Apple TV gets its own appstore then we may see specific titles that were build around the bigscreen.

Earlier this week 9to5Mac said that the new Apple TV is due out during the first half of this year, so we have a few more months to wait until we see it hit the market.


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