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Titanfall Might Be Your Valentine’s Day Date

by Eric Frederiksen | January 27, 2014January 27, 2014 11:45 am PST


If your significant other is like mine and thinks Valentine’s Day is the worst day to go on a date, you might be in luck: According to French site Xboxygen, Titanfall will have a beta running from Feb. 14 to 19.

According to the post, the beta will be available from retailer Zappos in France and GameStop in “other countries.” Xboxygen’s retail sources weren’t specific about what countries they meant, aside from the United States.

The game is testing as “invite-only” for now, but a public beta would definitely help EA stress-test its servers.¬†As we said last week, the game is going to be popular, and EA’s track record with big launches is not great lately.

With that said, Titanfall is using Microsoft’s cloud services for the launch, so EA’s servers shouldn’t be the breaking point this time around.

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Eric Frederiksen

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