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Steam Now Allowing Easy Cancellations for Pre-Orders

by Ron Duwell | January 27, 2014January 27, 2014 12:15 pm PST

Aliens - Colonial Marines

Too many times have I unnecessarily pre-ordered something from Steam that I ultimately regretted. Whether it was because I would rather wait for a sale, didn’t even particularly want the game, or just should have waited for the reviews, we all have that that one game we should have held off on.

Steam has taken another step in improving its customer satisfaction by letting you have that one back. No more early-buyers guilt as you can now easily cancel pre-orders with a simple click on the game’s store page.

However, the money will not be returned to the bank account it came from, but rather directly into the Steam wallet to be used at another time, for example a Steam Sale or the next pre-order you get lured into picking up. Resistance is futile!


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