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Apple Confirms 80 Percent of Devices Using iOS 7

by Brandon Russell | January 27, 2014January 27, 2014 3:00 pm PST

iPhone 5s - iOS 7 - Control Center

Apple’s iOS 7 is now on 80 percent of devices, the Cupertino company confirmed on Monday. The redesigned mobile OS has been available since September—not very long at all demonstrating a tremendous rate of adoption, particularly compared to its closest competitors. Seventeen percent of users have yet to update from iOS 6, while just 3 percent of the pie is dedicated to devices running an even earlier version of iOS. All new devices, including the 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads, come with iOS 7 pre-installed.

Having been on the market for a handful of months now, customers have had plenty of time to acclimate themselves with Apple’s revamped OS, which ditched the company’s love for skeuomorphism for something more minimal and flat. Usage has been on an upward trajectory ever since launching last year; iOS 7 usage in December was at 74 percent, showing how quickly the number can climb in such a short period. Meanwhile, iOS 6 usage continues to drop, due likely in large part to users upgrading their devices and finally giving in to the latest update.

Apple is expected to unleash iOS 7.1 fairly soon, with some minor design changes and typical bug fixes and enhancements expected. The Cupertino company on Monday announced its Q4 earnings, hitting record revenue, iPhone and iPad sales.


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