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1 of the 116 Copies of Nintendo World Championships Sells for $99,902 on eBay

by Ron Duwell | January 27, 2014January 27, 2014 9:30 pm PST

An ultra rare copy of Nintendo World Champions 1990 made its mark on eBay over the weekend by pulling in a record amount of money. The “Holy Grail” of NES games only ever had 116 copies made for participants in the competition, and they are a widely sought after collectors item.

Bidding started at $5,000 for the copy, a low-ball price because of the torn label, but by the end of its auction run, eBay user muresan has just found himself a nice fat wad of cash in his bank account. His copy of Nintendo World Champions 1990 smashed the record set by previous copies by selling for $99,902.

Some have gone for $15,000 in the past for better comparison.

Despite being sold for so much money, Nintendo World Champions 1990 is not exactly what one would call fun. It is nothing more than a compilation of mini games taken from bigger Nintendo games, kind of like the recent Wii U release of NES Remix I suppose, with each segment given a certain task.

Collect 50 coins in Super Mario Bros, race on a special Rad Racer track, and wrap up with Tetris until time runs out. Highest score wins. Simply rinse and repeat designed specifically for a tournament.

So if you want a copy of this game, better save up that lunch money and go hungry for a few thousand years.

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