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Tim Schafer Would Love to Have Another Go With Brutal Legend

by Ron Duwell | January 24, 2014January 24, 2014 10:30 pm PST

Brutal Legend

Double Fine studio head and Broken Age Director Tim Schafer is still interested in the heavy metal world of Brutal Legend. His first attempt at dealing with AAA publisher EA wasn’t met with the most open of wide arms by fans, but Schafer still has fond memories of the game regardless.

Speaking with Gamespot in an interview on his newest game, Broken Age, Schafer said he would absolutely love to jump back into Brutal Legend even though a new game in the world “might be tricky.”

Double Fine and EA partnered up and produced the game with a budget of $2o-$25 million, but Brutal Legend only ended up selling about one million copies and was not considered a financial success. I’m certain that Tim Schafer would love to sell one million copies of any game he makes nowadays.

His most recent game, Broken Age, was made for only $3 million, and it also brought actor comedian Jack Black along for the ride as well as actor Elijah Wood.

Even if another Brutal Legend game is not possible, Schafer has also teased the idea of creating DLC that would put player in control of the AI army, the Lionwhyte Hair Metal Militia.

Would you like to see more Brutal Legend?


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