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La-Mulana 2 Trying to Dig Up Funding on Kickstarter

by Ron Duwell | January 22, 2014January 22, 2014 5:30 pm PST

Man, these great Kickstarter games just come in waves, I suppose. After months of silence, BOOM, here are a whole bunch!

Japanese indie studio NIGORO has turned to the Kickstarter crowd to fund the sequel to its world popular platformer, La-Mulana. Although the sequel was announced last September, the campaign suggests that it needs a little help getting off the ground.

Those not familiar with La-Mulana might be in for a shock. It has long been seen as “that other 16-bit indie platformer not titled ‘Cave Story,'” but woe be unto those who jump into the depths of La-Mulana expecting it to be anywhere near as welcoming as Pixel Studios beloved classic.

La-Mulana is a hard, hard video game, both the remake and the freemium original, and there is no getting around that NIGORO wants to go all out with this sequel. A new archaeologist, a new ancient ruin to uncover, and a whole new slab of impossible puzzles and deadly bosses. I’d like to support it, but I’m not sure if I will be coming out alive on the other side.

NIGORO says it wants to make the sequel for fans of the freemium original who felt the remake didn’t offer anything new. Picky, picky fans I guess, but their inability to be pleased has apparently led to a sweet sequel. Thanks guys.

Japanese indie game localizer Playism has sponsored NIGORO in the Kickstarter run, and $200,000 has been requested to get the game production started. $102,000 has been raised with 31 days to go. Given the output of NIGORO in the past, it’s a safe bet that the game will make its mark and that the final product will one to enjoy for years to come.


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