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First Tizen Smartphone Delayed Until Second Half of 2014

by Jacob Kleinman | January 22, 2014January 22, 2014 11:00 am PST

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Despite reports that Samsung would launch its first Tizen smartphone in early 2014, the company has apparently confirmed that further delays have pushed the release back to the second half of 2014. The news follows an announcement from Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo that it wouldn’t support the platform.

“It is true that the release has been delayed,” a Samsung Electronics representative said this week in Korea, Tizen Indonesia reports. “Previously we had planned to release in the first half of this year in several countries, including Korea and Russia.”

We’re starting to see a pattern here. Samsung sets a general launch window for Tizen, stumbles, and then pushes it back. The device was first set for release in late 2013, but subsequently delayed until CES 2014, then Mobile World Congress, and now late 2014 at best. Hopefully when the new operating system finally arrives it will have been worth the very long wait.

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