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Every “Press Start” NES Screen Captured in 3 Hour YouTube Video

by Ron Duwell | January 22, 2014January 22, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Need a little nostalgia to get you through the day? Or are you just so lazy that you have a spare few hours to kill? Either way, YouTube user and overly dedicated NES fan NicksplosionFX has just the fix you need.

Three hours of 8-bit glory! Every single press start screen to appear in an NES game has been captured and preserved in this YouTube video, and I am sad to say that I recognize way to many of them to call myself a socially adequate human being. Man, what have I been doing with my life since mid-1990s?

Everything seems accounted for from Square’s classic Space Harrier rip-off, 3D World Runner, to the bat crazy Zombie Nation. Both games have some serious issues too. InĀ Zombie Nation, you fly around as a decapitated giant head and lay waste to buildings in the name of saving civilization. It’s absolutely insane.

3D World Runner? Well, its demonic musical composer worked enough black magic during production to make you insane after playing it for three minutes. You didn’t actually think the “D” stood for “Dimensions,” did you?

Ah, NES classics. Each of them a special memory, for good or evil. How many games do you recognize?


Ron Duwell

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