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Verizon to Intro $60 250MB Share Everything Plan Tomorrow

by Todd Haselton | January 20, 2014January 20, 2014 1:30 pm PST

Verizon HTC One-Branding

Verizon will reportedly introduce a new Share Everything plan tomorrow in an effort to woo customers to upgrade to a smartphone. The plan will cost $60 and will provide 250MB of data, undercutting the existing $80 plan that provides 500MB of data each month. On average, smartphone owners consume a lot more data than that – more than a few gigabytes per month – so this is for only the most conservative users.

The new plan also won’t be permanent, according to CNET the $60 Share Everything plan will only be offered by Verizon for a limited time. The new plan is likely an effort to attract basic phone customers up to a smartphone and a data plan. While Verizon doesn’t say it outright, a smartphone user won’t last long on that kind of plan. While it might prove attractive to new smartphone users at first, most will probably find themselves on a more expensive plan that offers more data soon after moving to a smartphone.

CNET says $20 of the total $60 monthly fee is for data, voice and text message access while the other $40 covers the cost of adding a new smartphone to a Share Everything plan. If anything, it appears Verizon knows that data is a gateway drug and that, once a user is hooked, he or she will likely opt for a more expensive plan.


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