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Buffalo Gear: This Magnetic HyperJuice Battery Makes It Easy To Expand Sizes

by Brandon Russell | January 19, 2014January 19, 2014 4:00 pm PST

We saw a lot of portable batteries at CES, but none were quite as impressive as Hyper’s new Expand—a name says all you need to know. Instead of being stuck with one specific size—maybe 6000mAh, for example—the Expand makes it possible to switch between different size batteries on the fly. And the execution by Hyper is brilliant.

The Expand takes advantage of two separate parts: a main head unit and the actual battery cell, which are both capable of magnetically connecting to each other. So if your 12,000mAh Expand runs out of juice, you can use a backup 3,000mAh unit to give you that extra bit of charge—and both will have the same output capabilities; you can charge everything from smartphones to tablets. The main head units contains three USB ports, including 2 x 12W and 1 x 5W, which Hyper says is capable of charging two iPads and and iPhone at the same time. That’s pretty darn cool for how the Expand is designed.

Beyond its charging capabilities, the Expand comes equipped with a 10W micro USB recharging port, which allows the cell to juice up quickly. There’s also a five-stage LED battery level indicator, and a built-in LED flash light for good measure. While Hyper products are never the cheapest on the block, the functionality and design is always top notch, and the Expand is no different. The main head unit of the expand costs $20, while the battery cells start at $20, and go up to $80, depending on what size you’re looking to get—3,000mAh is the lowest, while 12,000mAh is the highest. The cells themselves come in a variety of colors, too, which is a nice little added touch.

You’ll certainly save a bit of money through other competitors, but the fact that the Expand can connect and reconnect to other cells, and charge two tablets and a phone at the same time should be recognized. You can pick up the Expand from Hyper’s site now.


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