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Judge Dismisses Case Against Google Glass Driver

by Todd Haselton | January 18, 2014January 18, 2014 10:00 am PST

google glass v2 with earpiece 1

A San Diego woman was pulled over and issued a ticket late last year because she was wearing Google Glass while driving. She appeared in court Thursday and pleaded not guilty, the BBC said. Why? Because the state actually fined her for breaking a law that makes it illegal for watching TV while driving, since there isn’t a specific law against Google Glass yet. Now, a judge has ruled in her favor.

Cecilia Abadie, the woman who received a ticket, argued that U.S. laws need to better describe what’s legal and what isn’t, particularly when it comes to new technology such as Google Glass. “It’s a big responsibility for me and also for the judge who is going to interpret a very old law compared with how fast technology is changing,” Abadie told the Associated Press, as cited by the BBC, before the judge found her not guilty.

The officer who issued the ticket might not have been entirely wrong, at least since he or she classified Google Glass as a “monitor.” That’s what was supposed to be up for debate in court: whether or not Google Glass fits that description. Oddly, the court ruled in Abadie’s favor not because Google Glass wasn’t a monitor, but because it apparently wasn’t on at the time. The main concern comes with distraction while driving, though it still remains a question if Google Glass is indeed a distraction (under law) or not.

There definitely needs to be a law ruling one way or another, especially as Google Glass advances and automakers look to add functionality. Hyundai, for example, is already working to integrate Google Glass into its 2015 cars.


Todd Haselton

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