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Sprint Reportedly Secures Two Banks for $50 Billion T-Mobile Buyout

by Ron Duwell | January 17, 2014January 17, 2014 7:30 am PST


Sprint has reportedly received proposals from two banks for the $50 billion it would need to buy out T-Mobile according to a report.

T-Mobile’s value is currently estimated at around $26 billion according to a report from The Wall Street¬†Journal. On top of that, the debt that T-Mobile owes is estimated at around $20 billion, meaning that Sprint will need all of the $50 billion in loans to purchase the fourth place carrier. AT&T failed to acquire T-Mobile in 2011, though that ultimately came at the decision of government regulators who were worried about a monopoly.

Sprint may run into the same problem, at least if government regulators are concerned about giving control of two carriers over to a single foreign company, which would be the case as SoftBank recently purchased the Now Network. Meanwhile,¬†The Wall Street Journal said that there’s even some consideration being put into T-Mobile acquiring Sprint, instead of vice versa, though that seems even more unlikely. We also can’t forget Dish has its eyes on the network.

Whatever the case: T-Mobile said during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show that it has no plans to change its core business, or Un-carrier attitude, no matter who swoops in for an acquisition.

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