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Google Reportedly Developing Chrome Remote Desktop Apps for iOS and Android

by Brandon Russell | January 17, 2014January 17, 2014 7:00 pm PST


Google’s mobile Chrome apps might soon allow users to remotely access their desktop computers. Apparently the Android version, called Chromoting, is well into its development cycle, while an iOS version is just getting under way. Google has previously allowed Chrome users to access remote PCs and Chromebooks, but nothing thus far in the mobile ecosystem. When/if these apps hit, it sounds like Google will give every Chrome user the ability to remote access their desktop from anywhere. Not an entirely new features, but chances are pretty darn good Google’s alternative will be free, which is always appreciated.

The iOS app in particular is supposedly still in an “unpolished” design stage, according to Chromium developers, so the app is likely a long ways off. The Android app, meanwhile, has been in the works for awhile, meaning we might see it sooner rather than later. There’s very little details on how the “Chromoting” app will work, but the developers suggest Google’s software will be something special. Whether that means it’ll offer superior functionality, more features, or both, remains to be seen.


Brandon Russell

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