New Super Secure Android Blackphone Aims to Keep Snoopers Out

by Todd Haselton | January 15, 2014

Tired of worrying if your text messages, phone calls and chats are really private? A company called Silent Circle recently teamed up with Geeksphone with the goal of creating a new super secure device that keeps snoopers out. It’s called “Blackphone” and it will be on display during Mobile World Congress in February.

The device runs a custom built version of Android called PrivatOS, which has a focus on security. PrivatOS gives “individuals and organizations the ability to make and receive secure phone calls, exchange secure texts, transfer and store files, and video chat without compromising user privacy on the device,” Silent Circle said. The company didn’t reveal any specs yet, but did say that the phone is unlocked, runs on GSM networks and won’t ever be tied to a specific carrier. Additionally, Silent Circle’s website promises that the device will be powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with high-end smartphones in benchmarks.

More detailed information, including pricing and how the phone actually works, still isn’t available. We’ll be sure to hunt down the Blackphone during Mobile World Congress next month to find out more.

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