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Final Fantasy Tactics Creator Kickstarts His New Game, Unsung Story

Another one of the all time Japanese greats has left the comfy halls of his publisher’s headquarters and taken to Kickstarter to jump start his indie career.

Former Square Enix and Level-5 game designer, Yasumi Matsuno, has teamed up with California based Playdek to create Unsung Story, a strategy RPG in the vein of his most brilliant creations.

Yasumi Matsuno might not be a household name like Shigeru Miyamoto, but many of his games have gone down in history as some of the greatest ever made. Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, and, most recently, Crimson Shroud, already show off a promising resume of games you must have heard about if you don’t already love.

Playdek, makers of iOS strategy games, has put up the Kickstarter page and is asking for $600,000 to fund the project. Unsung Story promises to revisit all of Matsuno’s brilliant ideas from the past and bring a few new ones to the table. As with most of his storylines, it will explore the backgrounds of politics and war, looking into the untold stories of those written out of history.

Unsung Story has been planned for release on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, but stretch goals at $1.8 million could see the game ported to PS Vita, and $2.8 will see it release on the Nintendo 3DS.

Even more important than ports, stretch goals will also bring along some world class talent.  $900K will bring aboard Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reader, two of the most influential game translators from Square Enix, who have collaborated with Matsuno in the past on his localizations.

$1.3 million will secure Hitoshi Sakimoto, the legendary Japanese composer who has made all the music for Matsuno’s games¬†and dozens more besides. If you love Japanese video games, you’ve heard his music somewhere along the line.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Kickstarter worth following, but based on the number of hours I have sunk into Matsuno’s expansive library, I’m not hesitating for a second on this one. As of writing, Playdek has already raised $195,000 after the first day. Sign me up!


Ron Duwell

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