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Moto G Available on Boost Mobile Today Starting at $130

by Jacob Kleinman | January 14, 2014January 14, 2014 3:30 pm PST

As promised, Boost Mobile began selling the Moto G today for just $129.99 off-contract. The prepaid carrier is selling Motorola’s new smartphone for $50 less than the price direct from Motorola, but still $30 more than Verizon is charging.

In the long run though, you stand to save more with Boost Mobile. The carrier is offering the Moto G with unlimited data, talk and text starting at $55 per month. Every time you make six on-time payments, the company will knock $5 off your monthly bill. After 18 months of on-time payments you’ll be chargedĀ just $40 each month, though Boost Mobile won’t lower the price any further.

If you’re looking for a new Android smartphone and don’t want to spend a ton of money, the Moto G is your best bet. Motorola has somehow done the impossible with this phone, cramming solid specs capable of running the latest version of Android into a handset priced under $200. There are a few downsides, like the lack of LTE, but overall the Moto G is a great choice

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