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Chrome Updates to Version 32, Introduces Tab Indicators for Audio

by Brandon Russell | January 14, 2014January 14, 2014 6:00 pm PST


Google updated Chrome to version 32 on Tuesday for Windows, Mac, and Linux, bringing with it one of the browser’s best features yet. If you refrained from using the beta that was released late last year, the official update to version 32 will now show users which tab audio is coming from, hopefully making the Internet a less noisy place. I’ve actually been using the beta for the past month or so, and it’s become an amazingly helpful tool.

The audio is indicated by a little speaker icon on the tab, making it super simple for you to find that particular tab and stop whatever audio is playing. In addition, you can also see which tab is using your webcam (as indicated by a red circle), and which tab is casting to your TV (as indicated by a blue square). These features really don’t sound like much, but they’re super helpful when you have an overwhelming amount of tabs open throughout the day.

Chrome also has a new automatic malware blocking feature that stops malicious software from being downloaded, along with a number of typical under-the-hood enhancements. Google also gave Chrome a slightly different look in Metro mode for those using Windows 8, making the browser experience essentially look like Google’s ChromeOS, allowing users to manage multiple windows and launch apps from the launcher.


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